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I'm Lyra, and I make improbable ideas into realities — crafting with my own hands, and creating empowering containers for others.

I believe in stewardship, connection, serendipity, and lowering barriers to empathy. Worlds with consequences are ones in which our actions matter. I tell that story, over and over again, in every medium and language.

Using rigorous engineering, research, and tactics; let's construct impossible worlds and unique experiences.

Sonic Sphere at Dusk @ Burning Man by Stephane Lee

Lower the barrier to empathy...

Across mediums, industries, and countries, my art is guided by the goal of creating elevating, immersive, serendipitous experiences. I love stacking the deck of positive externalities to create unimagined possibilities, and the greatest reward is to hear what I've inspired years after the fact.


I strive to live as art.

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