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Lyra Levin channels a lifetime of passionate movement into every performance. As an aerialist and versatile specialty performer, she attempts to maximize her time spent upside down and in the air in innovative ways. Contact her today to find a collaborator and inspiration for your next project.


Since starting dance at an early age, Lyra has never stopped moving. With a background in theater, ballet, and pole vaulting, her style is as novel as it is versatile. In her teens, she found circus and quickly leveraged her strength and flexibility into aerial performance. Now living in San Francisco, she continues her training with world-renowned coaches between performances. Described as ‘if Batman were a Ballerina’, Lyra stuns viewers with her strength, charisma, and grace.




Lyra has performed independently and collaboratively across the United States, and is a regular cast member with the Vespertine Circus in San Francisco. She specializes in immersive experiences of all sizes, her favorites including elements of audience interaction and improvisation. She loves the challenge of site-specific storytelling - whether an intimate, underground, 90s-rave Romeo and Juliet or a giant, pyrotechnic festival show.


As she steps into the stage, the audience joins her narrative and feels a part of the show. From confidence to seduction to surprise, her power of expression cuts through to the heart of the crowd. She defies the limits of imagination with her audacious stunts - from riding her motorcycle into the theater and handbalancing on it to spinning mind-blowingly fast off of structural art.



A collection of recent and notable selections. For full resume, please download from the link below.


San Francisco. Principal member in one of San Francisco’s premiere circus troupes. Specializing in storytelling, audience immersion, and accessibility.

    • The Rocky Horror Circus Show - Lips, Eddie! [Handbalancing Burlesque,Motorcycle Handbalancing, Aerial Straps] - 2017

    • Charlie and the Chocolate Circus - Mike Teevee (Aerial Straps, Handbalancing, Gun Spinning] - 2017

    • The Rocky Horror Circus Show - Eddie! [Motorcycle Handbalancing, Aerial Straps] - 2016

    • A Midsummer's Nights' Circus - Lysandra [Aerial Straps] - 2016

    • Two Houses - Capulet Rave Performer [Aerial Hoop] - 2016

    • Hinge - Gin [Aerial Hoop, Duo Straps, Duo Contortion] - 2015


San Francisco, Sonoma. Ambient aerialist and character work in an immersive festival setting.

    • The Ducko Dynasty - Wall Guardian (Character] - 2017

    • The Shindig - Superhero [Aerial Hoop], Headmistress of the Existential Kindergarten [Character] - 2015, 2016

    • [REDACTED] at the Chabot Space Center - P.I.G.S. Mafioso [Character] - 2016

    • The Revolution will be Staged - Rebel [Dancer] - 2015

    • Rabbithole Masquerade - Snark [Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks] - 2013, 2014


Weddings, Nightlife, Theatrical Productions, and More...

    • Legion of Honor - Masquerade [Contortion, Dance]

    • The Armoury - Hell in the Armoury, Private Events [Character, Dance, Rope Suspension]

    • Cal Academy of Science - Nightlife [Aerial Hoop]

    • The Old Mint - New Bohemia; All World's Faire by the SF Institute of Possibility [Character]

    • Circus Center - Callisto and Philomela in Cabaret Metamorphoses [Aerial Hoop, Pointe]

    • Skinny Kitty Teahouse - Circus Extravaganza [Aerial Hoop, Fire Dance]

    • Regency Ballroom - Edwardian Ball [Contortion, Roaming Character]

    • SF Concourse Exhibition Center - Sacrifice in Masquerotica [Stage Show]

    • SOMArts - Twisted Windows [Rope Suspension]

    • DNA Club - Bootie [Contortion, Handbalancing]

    • The Battery - Mystic Midway Halloween [Aerial Hoop, Gogo]

    • The Midway - Loveboat [Character]


Specializing in Aerial Hoop, Aerial Straps, Handbalancing/ Contortion, and Interactive Character, 2005-Present

Aerial: Chloe Axelrod (US), Rachel Strickland (US), Stacy Young (US), and Ariel Tal (US)

Ground: Serchmaa Byamba (MN), Dominick Wyss [CH], and Master Lu Yi [CN]

Dance and Theater: Nancy Dow [US], Caroline Worth-Tyrell [US], ODC, Alonzo King Lines

    • Irish Aerial Dance Festival 2017- Letterkenny, Ireland.
      Trained with Alex Poulter (UK), Rachel Strickland (US), Shane Holohan (IE), and Lee Clayden (UK)
      Bungee - Aerial Hoop - Doubles Trapeze - Doubles Wall Running

    • Kinetic Theory Pre-Professional Program 2015 - Los Angeles.
      Trained with Eric Newton [US], Lexi Pearl [US], Stephanie Abrams [US], and Anthony Abeyta [US]
      Aerial Hoop - Handbalancing - Contortion - Group Choreography

    • Diavolo Summer Intensive 2015 - Los Angeles. Trained with the Diavolo Company Members
      Acrobatic Dance - Partner Dance - Structural Choreography

    • Flyaway Productions Summer Intensive 2013 - San Francisco. Trained with Jo Kreiter (US)
      Aerial Dance on Invented Apparatus

    • French Woods Festival of Performing Arts 2005-2007 - New York. Trained with Mike and Bronwyn Baker (NZ)
      Mixed Aerial Apparatus


Lyra is a polymath with many related skills. To see her artistic and engineering work, check out

  • Rigging for Aerial Performers and other Live Loads

  • Engineering of Custom Apparatus

  • Make-up, Hair, and Costume Design

  • Choreography


Lyra Levin is excited to be part of your next project! Send her the details at, or fill out the form below.



San Francisco, CA, USA


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